Plague Of Happiness Japan Tour 2016

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to all of our sponsors and supporters for this tour especially to JOHO, JBIFC, EVOSS, DIRTY DONUTS, MASBRO, POHON MINDA, NYARING, EMBRACE HALL, JASMINE & SUN, SYOK WASABI and many more. The tour was extremely important to us as a band, we learned a lot of performing, … Continued

negaRAKU! Tour 2016 By ASTRO

Just right after we release TUNJAL end of AUGUST 2016, we’re fortunate to be included in negaRAKU tour. Perform all around Malaysia from end of August 2016 to end of September 2016. The band performing in Kuantan, Melaka, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, and finally in Johor Bahru. Johor Bahru negaRAKU will be joining with Johor Bahru … Continued

Tunjal Release Party!

Plague of Happiness will be releasing TUNJAL on two different cities. JOHOR BAHRU Soft launch, more layback launching with acoustic session at POT’S Kitchen. Next will be at ATAS by BijanFX in Kuala Lumpur. Make yourself available, mark the dates!