Formed in the midst of the world SKA revival in 1999. Established in south peninsular Malaysia ‘Johor Bahru’. Found by a group of Johor Bahru skaters of early 90s. Since the existence, they instantly build up local followers all around Johor Bahru, filling up halls and clubs. None of the members had a proper music education back then.

Released an EP in 2000, via GRINDCORE label ORGASMATRON. Joined a bunch of projects locally and internationally before they released their first album in late 2007. The album was released in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Due to the overwhelming demand for the album, the band released a 2nd pressing for the album after 2 years of its original release.

1st local mainstream media appearance in 2005, appeared in several talk shows, live performances and video clip releases.

The band is self-managed and has been noted for its strict DIY ethic, self-promoting and -distributing. They own all of their songs’ rights via a label called NYARING.

Plague Of Happiness has been supporting local and international bands such as THE BUSINESS, COME BACK KID, NO USE FOR A NAME, BIG D AND THE KIDS TABLE before headlining their own tour across MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE and JAVA ISLAND in INDONESIA from 2008 to 2010.

Organized a sold-out mini concert in their hometown ‘JOHOR BAHRU’ in 2011 and successfully performed a packed outdoor concert by the end of 2015. Since 2013, Plague Of Happiness became a staple performing band for Malaysian Music Festivals.

Released 2nd album in August 2016, right after the release of the 2nd album, the band headlined a 2-month special tours across MALAYSIA under Malaysia Major satellite television company ‘ASTRO’. After coming back from Japan in October 2016, Plague Of Happiness completed year 2016 with 3 festivals.

In 2017, complete a 4 months nationwide tour between July and November. The Final tour ended with JB:IFC Plague Of Happiness open air concert at Vantage Bay, Johor Bahru.

They will end the TUNJAL (2nd Album) with a JAVA/BALI Island Tour in May 2018

Nazri Abdullasim (Nas) - Guitar & Vocal
Mohd Khairul Nizam Mohd Isa (Arab) - Guitar
Md Fauzy Suradi (Pozy) - Drum
Kamarol Arifin Zainodin (Ipin) - Bass
Azahari Mohd (Katek) - Trombone
Nazrul Abdullasim (Atoi) - Trumpet
Azmal Mashudi (Azmal) - Saxophone
Nausad Saleem Mohd Kassim (Nausad) - Trombone
Mohd Haniff Abd Latif (Anep) - Trumpet